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Oiling System Click for Larger Image

  • Advanced Priority Oiling System

  • Stroker Clearanced

Lifter Boss Click for Larger Image

  • Tall Lifter Bosses For High Lifts.
    Maximum lifter support for super high lift cams.

Lifter Valley Click for Larger Image

  • Lifter Valley Head Bosses.
    For better head gasket retention.

Chev. BB Cast Iron Race Blocks

Specifically designed for high horsepower applications. Extra material has been applied in all damage prone areas. Extra thick decks and steel billet splayed main caps with ARP main studs are standard. Can safely be bored to 4.625". Dual bolt pattern oil pan rail can be clearance up to 5.300" stroke. Advanced priority oiling system supplies the oil to where it is needed. Lifter valley head boss for extra clamping force between the deck and head (use stud kit 64210240). Unmachined casting surfaces are painted.

Std. Cam Height

Std. Cam Height
...Chev. BB, 9.800" Deck, 4.250" Bore...
...Chev. BB, 9.800" Deck, 4.500" Bore...
...Chev. BB, 10.200" Deck, 4.250" Bore..
...Chev. BB, 10.200" Deck, 4.500" Bore..

Raised Cam

...Chev. BB, 9.800" Deck, 4.500" Bore...
...Chev. BB, 10.200" Deck, 4.500" Bore...

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Std. or Raised Cam Location

A raised cam option is necessary for additional connecting rod to camshaft clearance for large strokes (4.750" & up). It also enables use of shorter pushrods for tall cylinder heads.

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3 Oil Pan Rail Provisions

Dual oil pan rail positions, fits stock pans and notched oil pan locations.

Oil Filter Housing

is moved for additional pan clearance to accommodate larger strokes and easy pan fit and better sealing. It is also drilled and tapped for external oil pumps, and has stepped main oil galleries.

Click for Larger ImageSteel Billet Splayed Main Caps ARP Main Stud Kit.

Complete ARP main stud kit. Strong splayed steel main caps on all 5 locations.

Click for Larger ImageThick Decks

Ridged deck for great gasket sealing and strength. Head bolt holes are blind tapped, no coolant leaks to worry about.

  • Two-Piece Rear Seal
  • Siamesed Extra Thick Cylinder Walls For Good Ring Seal
  • Scalloped Water Jackets For Coolant Flow.
  • Mounts Are Provided For Clutch Linkage .
  • Extra Webs In Casting for Rigidity